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Capacity Building

The strategic alliance, teaming agreement, business matchmaking and diversification mission of Agape Enterprises is to actively involve the Small- Minority-, Women-, and Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Enterprises (SMWDVBE) in efforts that will expand business opportunities, increase revenue, create jobs and improve financial margins and ratios.


In carrying out its mission, Agape Enterprises will:


  • Ensure that SMWDVBE are properly prepared to represent themselves to Corporate America and the Government.
  • Be proactive in helping SMWDVBE respond to issues and challenges that impact business opportunities and growth.
  • Increase capacity and improve capabilities to help SMWDVBE grow and retain larger contracts over longer periods of time.
  • Provide SMWDVBE with the ability to meet the quality, quantity and time requirements of a contract. 
  • Promote business opportunities and capabilities of SMWDVBE and work to eliminate barriers for equal economic opportunity in the marketplace.
  • Help develop, maintain and expand SMWDVBE business development programs.
  • Provide a platform for SMWDVBE to bring innovative solutions to the marketplace.
  • Provide increased opportunities for the SMWDVBE community to do business with each other.
  • Be accountable for verifiable results in SMWDVBE business development.
  • Be fair and ethical in all matters.

Agape Enterprises Consulting Services

Agape Enterprises has a proven track record of providing a variety of Information Technology and Quality Management consulting services to both government agencies and private corporations.  The consultants of Agape Enterprises possess skill sets and experience ranging from technical to executive-level management that allows the company to offer a wide range of services.  By sustaining a strong customer focus, Agape Enterprises has established and maintained a high level of user trust and confidence in its knowledge of and concern for users’ business needs.  Agape Enterprises brings to the table proven methodologies, effective communications and appropriate technological skills and knowledge.  These are critical factors contributing to the successful completion of projects on time and within budget. 


The following are examples of Agape Enterprises’ past, current and future capabilities.  


Strategic & Action Planning Services 

  • A Structured Planning & Facilitation Methodology
  • Cross Functional Alignment & Coordination
  • Functional Area Expertise  
  • Strategy Communication Services 
  • Accountability & Metrics Development
  • Competitive Research & Analysis 
  • Best Practices & Benchmarking
  • Risk Analysis & Contingency Planning
  • Organizational Development
  • Enterprise Restructuring

 Program & Project Management Services 

  • A Structured Mid-Level Project Management Methodology
  • Project Planning & Facilitation Services
  • Business Case & Project Selection Analysis
  • Cross Project & Cross Functional Project Coordination
  • Project Management Concepts & Techniques Training
  • Project Management Software Training

 Technology Consulting Services 

  • Information Technology Strategy & Corporate Goal Alignment
  • Application Portfolio Analysis    
  • Application Development: Web, Inter/Intranet, e-Marketing, e-Commerce, Data Warehousing, CRM
  • Internet & Infrastructure Design & Security
  • Software Selection & Implementation
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Programming Services: many languages

 Business Process Services

  • A Structured Business Process Enhancement Methodology
  • Identification of Critical Cross-Functional Business Processes 
  • Selection & Prioritization of Processes to be Leveraged
  • Development of Business Process Review Logic
  • “Line of Visibility” Analysis 
  • Failure Point Analysis & Recommendations 
  • Performance Measurement

 Agape Enterprises’ additional areas of expertise include: 

  • Impact Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Meeting & Conference Facilitation
  • Training & E-learning
  • Strategic Thinking Workshops
  • Public Participation
  • Knowledge Management
  • Operations Management 
  • Financial Management
  • Budget Preparation 
  • Regulatory Compliance 
  • Warranty Management 

Agape Enterprises has a comprehensive knowledge of corporate industry requirements and government legislation.  We are better positioned to meet your business requirements because we:

  • Listen, and are responsive and flexible in meeting our customers’ needs,
  • Deliver products and services that provide value for money,
  • Have extensive local knowledge with people and resources strategically located across the State of California and the United States,
  • Are able to provide our clients with Technology and Quality Management solutions,
  • Are accessible, responsive, reliable and experts in our respective fields,
  • Have effective systems for Technology and Quality Management Services.  Our management systems are designed to reduce risk to our clients, and to complement our clients’ risk management strategies,
  • Act with integrity and in an ethical manner at all times,
  • Operate within strict government and financial guidelines,
  • Offer our clients a seamless service from concept through to delivery along with the appropriate maintenance infrastructure.
  • We provide ‘one-stop-shop’ Technology and Quality Management Services.

Many of the services we offer require us to see your specific needs in order to quote a price.

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